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Enterprise Management Consulting

Enterprise Strategic Management
Strategic management is to answer the questions about the organization’s strategic direction, aims and channels, and it is related to the organization’s development. One false step will make a great difference, and the higher the efficiency is, the larger the diverse will be. With 10 year’s services experience towards more than 1000 customers, and based on our experts’ rich enterprise management and strategic consulting experience, we can help the enterprises to fix the strategic direction, make the systematic plan, overall arrangement and support.

Human Resources Management
Different from the quantized human resources planning thought advocated in the textbook, we made a systematic consideration about human resources management planning including management regime and standards, talent competition strategies and staff capacity improvement planning, based on clarifying the tasks, vision, strategies, archiving ways, implementing elements, performance evaluation and feedback system. It is believed that our services can play a positive role in establishing your own human resources management system.

Management System Design
With the rapid development of China’s economy, Chinese enterprises go abroad more often than before, and the investment and holding relationship is more complicated. To design the enterprise’s governance structure and organization actually is to help the enterprise to finish the systematic consideration about future organization mode based on the strategies, and to solve the management problems in the reality. Depending on the 10 year’s service experience to more than 1000 customers and summarizing the famous enterprises’ cases both here and abroad, we can provide the customers with practical solutions with individuation, help the enterprises to finish organization and professional establishment, and finally to establish a quickly determined, small, highly efficient and well controlled organization.

We provide the consulting and training in marketing. Depending on the service experience to more than 1000 customers, and our experts’ rich experience in enterprise management and strategic consulting, we have equipped unique advantages in marketing strategy, principles and team building. To provide the overall solutions is our final aim.

Brand Management
We can provide the tailored services, long-term brand management and guidance and characteristic products on the customers’ requirements. We help the enterprises to bring the brand management onto strategic level. A scientific, purposeful and strategic brand management can help the enterprise to present the competitive advantages, expand the sales channels and maintain the loyal customers, and in this way, can the enterprise keep undefeated.

Enterprise Culture Building
Enterprise culture is a compound of management ideas, methods, theories, group consciousness and the related thinking mode, conduct code formed in the long process of enterprise’s production, operation, building and development. It is a cultural tradition advocated by the leaders and abided by all the staff, and a series of acts continuously improved. It presents the enterprise’s values, business ideas and conduct code, infiltrating each area and department. To optimize the enterprise’s humanistic environment through culture building is in fact to improve the enterprise’s competitive power. Our characteristic services are enterprise culture diagnosing, refining, outlining, promoting and applying.

Financial System Management
Financial management is a key point of modern enterprise management. How to realize its value in enterprise’s development is undoubtedly an important question. Depending on the 10 year’s service experience to more than 1000 customers and our experts’ rich experience of financial practice, we combine the generalities and individualities, extrinsic and intrinsic characters, to build a financial management system suitable to different times, methods and levels.

Enterprise Service Management
With the market competition much more fierce, there is a reform in the service ideas, standard and system among the Chinese enterprises. In the near future, the service management will determine an enterprise’s profitability. As “customer oriented” has become the necessity of enterprise’s development, the service economy has got the unprecedented development. Based on the research of enterprise service management, we have promoted the characteristic services, to help the enterprise to win the customers’ satisfaction and make large benefits by providing high quality service with low inputs.

Logistic Supply Management
Logistic industry refers to ocean and inland river shipping, land transport (car and railway), air transport, multimodal transport (including express delivery), harbor, RDC (including storage), 3PL/4PL, and professional logistics which are related to supply chain management. We can provide the tailored systematic solutions for all the transport and logistics enterprises, including logistics planning, storing and dispatching management, chain management, purchasing management, etc. Logistics supply chain management, especially in China, is a new research area with little results. We would like to make the due contributions to its development with all the enterprises and scholars.

Investment Consulting
We can provide the suggestions in engineering, economics, law, accounting, operation and money mobilization. After close investigation, we can fix a practical solution combing strategic planning, reorganizing, controlling improving, introducing investment, purchasing and merger, and we can help the enterprise to realize the plan.

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