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Training Courses of Enterprise Management

——Summary of Training Application
——Contents of Training Courses
——Advantages of Training Service
——Process of Training Service

Summary of Training Application

Staff Development

Training is not only for supplying the staff’s working skills and related professional knowledge, but also a development of their potential capacities. The purposes are to promote the staff’s all-round and complete development, and bring a consistent passion and continuous energy to the enterprise. For the enterprise, training is an investment to human resources which is very important. Comparing with other investments, training can bring the enterprise with generous returns and large benefits which is comprehensive and long-termed.

According to the enterprises’ requirements in the new economy, China International Talent Development Center’s training courses aim at supplying tailored solutions for staff development in internal training, enterprise coach, team management and learning organization building.

Assistant Management

Training is an effective management method through which the manager transfers his/her intentions to the subordinates. Compared with meeting, report and document, training has the following two advantages: 1. In training, the manager works as a teacher and the subordinates as students, and they have a more friendly psychological relationship which promotes communication and transmitting, meanwhile, the subordinates are more willing to practice the leaders’ intentions. 2. In course preparing and giving, the managers can arrange their thoughts more systematically, and they can perfect these thoughts in the communication with the staff, and in this way can make the decision more scientific.

In order to bring an assistance to enterprise’s daily management, we will do a survey in three respects: senior manager’s strategic intentions, medium manager’s management dilemma and employees’ development demands. We apply an experimental training to unify the cognition and actions of senior, medium and grass-roof levels gradually, to assist the enterprise to promote the daily management continuously.

Building a System

Learning organization is an innovation of modern enterprise’s management theories and practice, and staff training and development theories and practice. The largest diverse between learning enterprise and others is promoting the product and service and efficiency through continuous study and innovation. To build a learning organization as soon as possible, the enterprise should build a people oriented inspiring training mechanism. A successful enterprise always takes staff training as a resource of benefits.

Based on the learning organization’s theories and practice, we can promote building the enterprise’s learning system. In each project, we can help the enterprise to build “Four Ones” which is necessary: a series of successful textbooks, a group of elite teachers, a perfect administrative system and a scientific training assessment method.

Activating the Platform

Training plays an important role in activating the enterprise’s daily communication, and it can promote the employees’ sense of identification to the enterprise, their inter-personal cohesiveness and team spirit.

Our training focuses on diversity for different levels, that is to say, according to the target learners’ specification and levels, to make a multi-party interaction in a diversified, flexible, lively and acceptable way.


1. Strong Experts’ background: Most of our assessment experts’ have doctor’s or master’s degrees in Psychology, Human Resource Management, Surveying, ir Statistics, and they all are equipped with both theories and practice experience.
2. Advanced Assessment Technologies: The enterprise is an organic ensemble with the organization, function, links, process and staff combined and affect each other. A systematic though and method is necessary for solving the problem, and that is we provide.
3. Rich Assessment Experience: We have accumulated a rich experience after providing the big companies for a long term, and our products are various.
4. Advanced Talent Assessment System: three-leveled system, with competence model and norm. Bottom supporting platform and system supporting platform are applied in recruitment management, internal competition and resume analysis, and all-round solutions are provided for talent assessment, selection and position assignation.

Training Courses:

Leadership Series
Principle & Practice of Leadership
Thinking Habit of Successful Persons
Skills of Presenting
Coaching Leadership—Effective Feedback & Coaching
Management of Employees’ psychology & Engagement
Skills of Solving Problems
Communication with High Effect
Effective Skills in Meeting
Management of Emotional Quotient & Pressure
Guidance Skills
Authorization Skills
Dispute Management
Highly Effective Team Building & Management
Communication Breaking the Psychological Defense
Interpersonal Relationship Skills
From Technological Master to Manager
Role Positioning of Manager
Accelerator of New Manager

HR Development Series
Effective Performance Management
HR Management of Non-HR Manager
Position Description & Competence
How to Judge Applicants’ Motives & “Soft Skills”
Performance Management—Aims, Practice & Assessment
How to Maintain & Encourage the Employee
Employee’s Career Development Management
Labor Relationship Management
Analysis of Training Requirements
Design of Highly Effective Learning Plan
Plan & Practice of Learning
Training Result Assessment & Promotion
Key Knowledge of Management
Special Courses for HRBP
Internal Trainer System Building Series

Series of Organization Development
Five Training of Learning Organization
All Round Communication Organization Building & Diagnosis
Leader & Manager Development System
Training of Internal Trainers
Identification, Maintain & Encouragement of Key Employee
Building & Practice of Highly-Effective Talent Development System
Organization Diagnosis
How to Build an Enterprise University
How to Build & Manage an Effective Internal Trainer’s Team
Diversification & Inclusiveness
Wisdom Coach
Organization Development Tools & Use


Putting forward the training requirements (4 weeks ahead)
Analyze the requirement (3 or 4 weeks ahead)
Fixing the training plan (2 or 3 weeks ahead)
Signing the training contract (2 weeks ahead)
Training practice
Assessment & feedback of training results (1 or 2 weeks after training)
End of training

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