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Summary of Talent Assessment

——Introduction of Talent Assessment
——Scope of Talent Assessment
——Characters & Advantages of Talent Assessment
——Introduction of Products

Introduction of Talent Assessment

Talent assessment is to select the suitable candidates both in comprehensive quality and specific capacity through a scientific way with proper costs and standard process, according to the requirements of enterprise’s development and operation. It has become an important assistant tool and measure for enterprise or organization to select and assign, train and develop, evaluate and encourage the talents. Talent assessment is a “camouflage & anti-camouflage” game between the employer and candidates. And a scientific talent assessment technology, well-organized assessment project and professional experts can help to improve the employer’s “anti-camouflage” capacity, to guarantee the work efficiency.

We are willing to cooperate with the employer to provide a third party service, including talent recruitment, selection, evaluation, professional grading, performance assessment and position competition, i.e. human resource business outsource.

More concentrated: Our talent assessment service focuses on how to select the suitable talents for the enterprise more effectively. With our help, you can be free from the tedious business, and focus more on talent plan, capacity development and personnel echelon cultivation.

More scientific: We have more perfect assessment system and tailored development capacity, to provide the enterprise with more scientific and reliable talent assignment basis.

More efficient: We have many assessment experiences, so we can make the most proper plan by considering the project scale, time, place and funds comprehensively.

More fair: In order to make the talent assignment with fairness, openness and justness, the third party is irreplaceable,

Scope of Talent Assessment

Talent selection→In accordance to the employers’ requirement, our services include “campus requirement”, “social recruitment” and “internal position competition”. And our targets are the high-valued or highly-rare talents, including international talent, specific talents and professional managers.

Personnel echelon cultivation→We help the enterprise to classify the backbone staff, key professional/ technologic personals and reserve managers, to guarantee the talent strategy satisfies the enterprise’s demands of development.

Leadership improvement→We help the enterprise to construct own “Leadership Competency Model”, to evaluate, cultivate, improve and reserve the medium and senior managers. 

Assistant performance management→Besides of result-oriented performance appraisal, more and more enterprises add capacity assessment, i.e, evaluate the employees’ process indicators, including post adaptation, capacity, advantages and disadvantages, to promote the development.

Training & development→The premise of employee training and career development is to know the staff’s capacity level and structure at present. Only make clear of their advantages and disadvantages, can the enterprise realize the talent training and cultivation with a purpose. And we can provide an all-round development evaluation.

Characters & Advantages of Talent Assessment

To satisfy the enterprise’s specific talent demands to the largest extent is an important standard in the industry of talent assessment. With a strong capacity to develop the assessment technology and platform, we are devoted to provide a tailored instead of standard service for the enterprises.

With a long term experience of international talent management, we have own “international talent pool”, and have deep understanding of competence model construction, recruitment, selection, dispatching, training and encouraging of international talent.

Whole process
We have all the business modules of human resources management, including talent recruitment, resume selection, talent selection (online psychological assessment, all-round work assessment, bilingual interview and scene simulation), personnel agency, social security and commercial security, training, career plan and talent management system construction. Hope to help you to save the talent management costs to the largest extent.

Strong guarantee:
We can provide each assessment project with the strongest resources guarantee: place and interviewer team. And we have the capacity to operate a large scaled assessment project (more than 500 interviewees).

Great team
We have a professional assessment team with each member having the assessment experience of more than 100 hours. Besides, we have a bilingual interviewer team (English or other languages) which is an innovation.

Great reputation
With the background of ministry, we have a better understanding of large state-owned enterprises’ requirements to talents and their talent management model and know how to adapt to it. So our assessment service has won a good reputation among the customers. The customer satisfaction index is larger than 98%, and more than 70% customers extend the service or sign a long-term contract.

Introduction of Products

Guoyi (International Game)—the most advocated tool for selecting the international talents
Lingrui (Wise Leadership)—assessment tool for the medium and senior managers
Boxiang (Flying Widely)—assessment tool for campus recruitment

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