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Introduction of Commercial Insurance

——General Introduction

Introduction of Commercial Insurance Agency

CITDC is an insurance agent approved by China Insurance Regulatory Commission, and we always take customer’s demands as our business direction. In the process of personnel agency, many customers expressed their demands on insurance service with varying degrees. In order to provide comprehensive and convenient service to our customers, CITDC obtains the qualification for concurrent insurance agents, approved by CIRC in September, 2003.

CITDC can deal with insurance agent works which are permitted in state insurance laws, regulations and administrative rules for enterprises, institutions, representative offices in Beijing and individuals, including Supplementary Medical Insurance, Additional Comprehensive Medical Insurance, Personal Accident Insurance, Overseas Travel Accident Rescue Insurance, Supplementary Endowment Insurance, Household Property Insurance and Enterprise Property Insurance, etc.


1. Offer convenient service
1) Customers can insure and claim in the human resource department directly in which their personnel files are deposited.
2) Our Insurance Department has a clear understanding of varies essence insurance products of all the insurance companies. For the customer’s convenience, we have many specialists to tailor-make insurance and recommend or design suitable product combination plan according to the customer’s demands. Besides, we provide consulting service for staff welfare plan and capital management.
3) We provide personalized consulting service and all-round third-party management. Medical organizations with great strength and service are provided to the customer for seeking medical advice, at the same time, we provide the best claims assistance scheme for the customers.

2. Preferential Price for Groups
The effect of insurance is to share individual risk by gathering mass strength. By means of rich advantages in human resource area, CITDC can get the preferential price for the groups from insurance companies by effectively combining essence products together.

Contents of Commercial Insurance Agency

1. Overall health security
2. Accident injury security
3. Accident medical security
4. Out-patient, emergency and in-patient medical
5. Children medical
6. Maternity security for female staff
7. Series of security for advanced manager
8. Series of security for foreigner
9. Traffic accident security
10. In-patient allowance

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