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China Talent is the executive director of China Association of Foreign Service Trades, member of China International
Contractors Association, Beijing Entry & Exit Service Association and Sino-Japan Trainee Cooperation Organization of China.

China talent is a unit which can issue business invitation letter to needed foreigners authorized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a unit which can introduce foreign experts into China authorized by State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs, it holds Labor Dispatching Permit approved by the Ministry of Commerce and business license of Personal Entry & Exit Agent issued by Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau.

China talent has abundant working experience and extensive partners in the fields of international cooperation and
international exchange, this may help to provide multi-level professional services to our customers.

Business Scope

1.Foreign Labor Service Cooperation

2.Oversea business inspection, research and study and short-term training

3.International cooperate business, language and skill training before going abroad

4.Dispatching trainee and intern to Japan

5.Visa applying and related services to Chinese citizen who want to immigrate abroad or visit for personal purpose

6.Examination and approval service for temporary exit

7.Hiring foreign expert

8.Business invitation letter issue and visa service for foreign people

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