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Introduction of Recruitment & Training Dept.

We have a highly efficient team composed with elite consultants in all industries. And we have the platform of China International Talent Development Center which is approved by State Council and registered by State Administration for Industry & Commerce.

Since our foundation in 1997, we have kept a good cooperation with the universities, colleges, training organizations and strategic cooperators, and provided the head-huntuing services for many well-known enterprises both at home and abroad.

With China Talent Web (
www.zhonghr.com) as the frontier, we have the international operation mode with intelligence and informalization, and we are always devoted to providing the most perfect services for the customers. We have the strong, rapid and efficient service system with rich experience equipped experts, highly-qualified consultants, dense service network, professional team, modern network and standard process. Our aims are to seek the outstanding talents for the enterprises, to help the professional managers and industry elites to make a career plan for better development.

With the perfection of our medium and high-end elites’ information and the rapid development of technology, we are ready to provide more professional tailored services for more enterprises both at home and abroad. And we also hope to provide a wider stage for the outstanding professional managers.

Introduction of Products

We are devoted in the recruitment of the decision-making level talents. After a long term research of the recruitment market, we have clarified the customers’ requirements into different categories, based on which we tailor the services and realize it strictly according to the procedure.

Our advanced consultant will lead the professional head-hunters to look for the rare talents rapidly and sharply through multiple channels, and assist the enterprises to finish all the procedure.

Oriented to the customers, we will provide a transparent and highly efficient human resources services with honesty and rigorousness.

Service Characters

Professional Service:
Head-hunting and tailored solutions for solving the human resources problems for the strategic cooperators

Sincere Service:
Put the customer’s benefits first, and take the attitude of sincerity and reliability.

Reputable Service:
For the customer’s benefits, we will keep the contract secrets, and adhere to the professional ethic.

Multiply Services:
Our services cover positions at various levels.


Rich Talents Storage:
We have established a large advanced talent storage, including president, chief manager, directors of human resources, finance, marketing, techniques and production and department managers, in the industries of IT, investment, fast-moving consumer goods and real estate.

Good Trade Reputation:
We guarantee the security of talents’ information and business secrets, as well as provide the career guide and good opportunities with high treatments, which have won good reputations among the advanced managers. More and more professional managers keep a close contract with us, and take our career suggestions and position recommendations as the advanced choices.

Highly Efficient Channels:
We have many part-time head hunters and information collecting consultants in various industries and areas, and they can provide us with the required talents’ information in time. Besides, China Talent Web is also a convenient communication platform for us.

Senior Consultant Team:
Our head-hunting consultants were HR directors before who have strong capacity in information research, judging and investing. Besides, we have employed the advanced experts of the related industries or the scholars of talent assessment as the talent selecting consultants. Their professional supports guarantee our work efficiency.

Customer Orientation

Key Target Positions: strategic decision making level, advanced managers, rare talents and special positions.

Target Customers: enterprises needing tailored or medium and high-ended services

Average Operation Circle: 20-30 work days

Contacting Us

Tele: 86-10-88017928
Fax: 86-10-62562739
Add.: Room EF, Floor 4, Building C, Kaixuan Mansion, No. Jia 143, Xizhimenwai Street, Xicheng District, Beijing

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