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Introduction of Personnel Agency

——General Introduction

General Introduction

As one of the main services of CITDC, personnel agency was originated from file management and social insurance agency. Through 15 years’ continuous struggling, CITDC has built a professional team to provide both enterprises (including invested, private and state-owned companies, etc.) and institutions with a variety of personnel solutions, including personnel services, agency of social insurance, housing fund and commercial insurance, recruitment, talent assessment, internal training, foreign and legal affairs. Till now, our personnel agency business has covered many provinces around China.

Advantages for choosing personnel agency:

1. The customer can be escaped from complicated personnel management work and put their whole attention to operation management and market exploration.
2. Receiving our professional guidance after signing Personnel Agency Contract, it can help to reduce labor disputes because of the lack of related labor policies.
3. As a state-owned company, we can effectively promote the communication between laborer/ enterprise and government.
4. Personnel agency can reduce labor costs and increase work efficiency.

Service Content

1. Related Services
1) Personnel service mode design based on customer features
2) Personnel Management Service: Rules & regulations setting and payment design
3) Management of staff’s personnel files
4) Opening a social insurance account and help to transact Social Insurance Registration Certificate.
5) Help to pay four insurances & housing fund.
6) Medical insurance claim & settlement
7) Work injury insurance claim & settlement
8) Maternity insurance claim & settlement
9) Housing fund claim & withdrawal
10) Finance and Tax Service: Salary payment & tax declaration.
11) Providing optional value-added welfare: movie ticket for a quarter, annual travelling, drink for summer, presents for Mid-Autumn Day, reimbursement for subscribing books, newspapers and visiting relatives, etc.

2. Social Insurance & Housing Fund
Based on the related policies, we can handle with Endowment Insurance, Unemployment Insurance, Labor Injury Insurance, Basic Medical Insurance, Maternity Insurance and Housing Fund for the employees.

3. Others
1) Recruitment agency
2) Talent assessment
3) Internal training
4) Foreign affairs
5) Legal affairs


1. Choosing the service items and fee standard by mutual discussion;
2. Signing “Personnel Agency Agreement”, Party B provides copies of business license, identification proof of legal representative and national organization code;      opies of business license, identification proof of legal representative and national organization code;
3. Under the guidance of Party A, Party B submits the documents for opening social insurance account, “Notification of Hiring New Staff” and staff’s related material needed for applying social insurance according to the requirements of Social Insurance Center;
4. Files Transfer
1) Party B provides name list of archives personnel and name of archive unit;
2) Party A issues Transfer Letter to the employee for dealing with file and organizational relation transfer;
3) After checking the files, Party A issues receipt and default list to inform the employees whether their files are complete, and then the receipt should be handled over to the previous archive unit for deposit;
5. Dealing with all kinds of social insurances;
6. Party A explains the service contents to Party B’s employees and answers their questions;
7. Post Services
1) Party B submits list of personnel changes to Party A before 20th every month;
2) According to Party B’s notification, Party A submits the related sheets to social insurance organization and issues “Notice of Payment” to Party B. The social insurance fees will be directly transferred from Party B’s account by Social Insurance Organization.
2) Party B should pay all the fees of the month to Party A according to the “Notice of Payment”.

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